What’s Brewing?

Currently on espresso, we’re pulling Stay Golden A-Okay Blend: an African blend with notes of apple and melon, with a milky finish. It’s so good, y’all.
Then we’ve got their Chin Up Blend [dark chocolate, cherry] on drip and on cold brew, and single origin Ethiopia Limmu Kossa [strawberry, stone fruit, sweet & smooth] on drip as well.

On the aeropress bar and retail shelves, we are featuring our neighbors in Atlanta, Docent Coffee.

Tasting Notes: strawberry, grape, plum, CANDY
Origin: Mafinga, Zambia
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1600-1700masl

Tasting Notes: pomegranate, roasted almond, cane sugar
Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Process: Honey processed
Altitude: 1500-1900masl