What’s Brewing?

Currently on espresso, we’re pulling Bongo Java’s signature espresso: a blend of Peru AAA, Unwashed Ethiopia Sidama, and Colombia Fondo Paez [we taste orange, blackberries, and dark chocolate, and we feel warm and fuzzy]. This coffee makes a stellar espresso, loved by our novice and connoisseur customers alike. It just rolled out in February.
Also from Bongo Java, we’re batch brewing some old favorites of ours, Colombia Fondo Paez [we taste brown sugar, honey, and lemon] and Burundi, Cococa [we taste sweet orange, black cherry, and rosewater candy].

On the aeropress bar and retail shelves, we are featuring our friends Topeca Coffee Roasters.
El Salvador // Matalapa // Libertad
Washed and patio dried Red Bourbon. Notes of blackberry, black tea, vanilla bean.
Kenya // Boma Peaberry // Rift Valley
Double washed and dried on raised beds at 1800+ meters. Notes of intense dark fruits, brown spice, with a crisp finish

Up next: Kickapoo Coffee