What’s Brewing?

Currently on espresso, we’re pulling Peru Cajamarca roasted by Bongo Java Roasting Co. [we taste white peach, cranberry, brown sugar]. This coffee makes a stellar espresso, loved by our novice and connoisseur customers alike. It’s been a favorite since February of this year.
Also from Bongo Java, we’re batch brewing an old favorite of ours, Congo Sopacdi [we taste strawberry, rhubarb, pineapple, and agave] and Laos [we taste dark chocolate, caramel, and black currant].

Our current featured roaster is Augies Coffee Roasters, out of Redlands, CA. They ranked #4 in the US Roaster Championship, and we are stoked to be brewin’ up their coffee in our shop. We have the Ndaroini, a washed peaberry coffee from the Nyeri region of Kenya [we taste: Raspberry, brown sugar, and grapefruit]. We’re also brewing El Panal, a washed caturra/catuai coffee from the San Pedro Necta region of Guatemala [we taste: mandarin, lemon verbena, and cola].

Up next: The fine folks at Evocation Coffee.