Tag Team Throwdown!



Grab a pal to compete WITH you. One steams, one pours, you decide. $5/person to compete. Teams will be split up and shuffled after the 2nd round.
Have you been wanting to throw down but are kinda nervous because, let’s be honest, people sometimes get a little intense about these competitions? Team up with your BFF to take the pressure off!
The winner gets the buy-in AND raffle ticket money, and some sweet swag from our awesome sponsors!

🍺 by Jackalope Brewery!
🌭 by That’s My Dawg

Running list of awesome sponsors: Eighth and Roast, Acaia, Aeropress, Baratza, Barista Magazine, Bongo Java, Chemex, Clawson’s Pub and Deli, Climb Nashville, Cumberland Transit, Dose, Espresso Parts, Espresso Supply, Friendly Arctic, Jackalope Brewing Co., Matchless Coffee Soda, Revelator Coffee, Rhino Coffee Gear, Third Wave Water, That’s My Dawg

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